July 2006

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Destination: Bermuda
by Jim Langford
President's Message
by Gary Fee
It’s All “Geek” to Me
by Anita Balamane
Managing Your Travel Business
by John Hawkes
Have we Become too Informal
by Penney Rudicil
What’s the Essence of Selling
by Bob Abrames
Hey Travel Agents where
by Ken Hall
Selling Cruises
by John Hawkes
Selling Travel 101
by John Hawkes
Can this Trip be Saved
by John Hawkes
Travel Niches
by John Hawkes
Fams & Seminars



It's All "Geek" to Me!
by Anita Pagliasso-Balamane
Author of "How I Made A Small Fortune as a Home-Based Travel Agent"
President, Ticket To Travel (www.aticket2travel.com)
OSSN Western Regional Manager
Email: sanjoseca@ossn.com
Phone: 408-531-9228

One of the most challenging aspects of running a home-based business is keeping up with the constant change in technology. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the pressure to manage your business, learn new computer skills, and become Internet savvy along with learning all the new technical jargon. Things change so rapidly that it is hard not to feel that the time-consuming process of keeping current is more of a burden than an asset to your business.

Ah, my computer

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Travel Impressions

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