July 2006

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Destination: Bermuda
by Jim Langford
President's Message
by Gary Fee
It’s All “Geek” to Me
by Anita Balamane
Managing Your Travel Business
by John Hawkes
Have we Become too Informal
by Penney Rudicil
What’s the Essence of Selling
by Bob Abrames
Hey Travel Agents where
by Ken Hall
Selling Cruises
by John Hawkes
Selling Travel 101
by John Hawkes
Can this Trip be Saved
by John Hawkes
Travel Niches
by John Hawkes
Fams & Seminars



Selling Cruises: Do Cruise Lines Want Our Business?
by John Hawks

How does it feel being a home-based travel agent? Some days, it's like Cinderella.

You can work twice as hard as your storefront agent stepsisters, but they may still be the belles of the ball when it comes to fam trip invitations, co-op dollars from suppliers, and (sometimes) basic respect within the travel industry.

Nowhere does this question carry more weight than the cruise line community. Do cruise lines really value the contributions of home-based agents? Are we viewed as selling assets, with the same value as traditional travel agencies and the big online travel sites?

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