October 2006

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Destination: Mexico
by John Hawks
President's Message
by Gary Fee
My Extreme Makeover
by Penney Rudicil
Selling & Marketing Tips
by Bob Abrames
Anita Invites you to San Jose
by Anita Balamane
Why I Want A Rebate
by Ken Hall
Travel As a Second Career
by Dolores Samms
See You In “San Jose”
by Martin Deutsch
Managing Your Travel Business
by John Hawkes
Selling Cruises
by John Hawkes
Selling Travel 101
by John Hawkes
Can this Trip be Saved
by John Hawkes
Fams & Seminars


Hastings On
The Hudson

President's Message
What’s your opinion about this tour company? Do they do a good job in Hawaii?

Unlock Travel Secrets on OSSN’s Bulletin Boards!
By Gary M. Fee, OSSN President

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With OSSN, though, you have around-the-clock, everyday access to a FREE resource for members only:

The OSSN.com bulletin boards!

Who could give you better advice about travel suppliers, destinations, customer service, and other concerns than your fellow home-based agents? That's the reason we included online bulletin boards -- protected by your password as an OSSN member! -- to give you a safe, secure way to chat and exchange ideas with other agents.

We've divided OSSN's online boards into four "forums":

The OSSN General Member Forum for basic questions about the association or travel in general

The Relationship Forum for questions about host agencies and other business networking

The Supplier Issues Forum for questions about travel suppliers

The Fam & Destinations Update for questions about discounted travel for agents and the latest word on leading destinations

Because we've protected these online bulletin boards with passwords, you can feel secure about posting questions here that other agents around North America can answer. They've seen the same problems and dealt with the same issues you have, so they'll be your # 1 resource for solutions.

Even if you don't have a specific question, you can learn a lot about the travel business by reading the posts in OSSN's online forums. That's a great way to find out about new suppliers, upcoming fam trips, exciting destination updates, innovative host agency benefits, and other developments that you may not find in the travel trade magazines.

Here's how you can find the OSSN bulletin boards on our new site:

At www.OSSN.com, sign into the site as an OSSN member. You'll be taken to our new "Welcome Center" page -- and, in the middle of that page, you'll see links to our "Bulletin Board Service." There's a link on the next page that will take you straight into the system. (On your first visit, you'll be prompted to register for the bulletin boards by picking a screen name, etc.)

Visiting these forums once or twice a week (maybe during your morning cup of coffee!) makes a very productive habit for home-based agents eager to stay on top of what's happening in the world of travel.

(Here's one reminder, though, about your posts. OSSN cannot allow agents to post questions or messages that may violate federal antitrust laws -- and that includes any attempts to set prices or organize boycotts in any way. You can be blunt in your messages, but please avoid any language that makes it sound as if you're breaking federal law!)

We're glad to offer this online bulletin board that many OSSN agents tell us is one of their primary membership benefits!

Call one of our Destination Experts today to assist you with all of your client's travel needs to one of our exotic destinations:
Up to 15% Commission!
Visit our website at www.isram.com

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