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December 2009

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Destination: Italy
by Bobbie Murphy

President's Message
by Melody Fee
Failing Faster in 2010
by Cory Andrichuk
The Quest for Cruise Group Leaders
by Cindy Bertram
The Power of Goals
by Keith Powell
Cruising With Oxygen
by Andrew Garnett
OSSN’s “Whodunit” Cruise
by Paula Mitchell Manning
OSSN Sets Sail with FAM Cruises


Mesa Phoenix
San Antonio
OSSN Chapter Directors Cruise

Failing Faster in 2010
by Cory Andrichuk

The month of December always makes me think back and reflect upon the year I just experienced. I cannot seem to look forward into the New Year until I have a good look back. Donít you feel the same? I would like to think it's pretty natural that we all reflect upon and learn from what we just experienced, before moving forward and trying something new.

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