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Home Based Agent Forum

A Voice for the Industry

Outside Sales Support Network or OSSN, was begun with the objective to create a voice in the travel industry for the commissioned Outside Sales Agent / Independent Contractor and Home Based Travel Agency.

The needs of this status of travel promoter are very different from the full time salaried travel agent.

OSSN is an industry trade association that provides education and training programs for the travel industry. However, OSSN can help align you with an agency that wants your business and supports your needs as part of their marketing directives to sell and promote travel products.

OSSN provides educational training fams such as our "Seminar at Sea" programs on cruise ships as well as on land-based resort properties throughout the year. Last year, OSSN hosted over 100 Fam / Seminar Educational Programs. Our fam training programs provide the independent contractor with product knowledge, as well as proven sales and marketing techniques that will help increase your commissions as an agent.

Being a member of OSSN will provide you with the knowledge needed to enhance your travel career so you may become a more professional travel agent.

The president and chairman of Outside Sales Support Network, Gary Fee, is a 28-year veteran of the travel industry. Mr. Fee has trained over 25,000 travel agents since 1986 on selling and promoting vacation products.

OSSN was established in 1990. Today the association has over 75 U.S. chapters. OSSN's membership is approximately 7800 members and growing. OSSN is the #1 trade association representing the home based seller of travel, independent contractor and outside sales travel agent. The OSSN.Com website is over 6500 pages that are packed with information and support for this status of seller of travel. The OSSN website is one of the travel industries top rates websites for travel agents.


Watch OSSN Video
Watch OSSN Video