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Home Based Agent Forum

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is OSSN?

A. OSSN stands for the Outside Sales Support Network. OSSN is a travel industry association that represents, supports and helps educate travel agents to achieve greater success with their travel agent business.

Q. How do I Become A Travel Agent?

A. There are several ways to accomplish this. Most sellers of travel who are new to the travel industry associate with a Travel Agency as an Independent Contractor Travel Agent or Outside Sales Travel Agent. Others have been in the travel industry a long time and have established a home based travel agency business and work directly with travel industry suppliers.

Q. How do I find a Host Travel Agency?

A. OSSN provides our members with a section in our members-only area a nationwide list of Host Agencies who work with home-based travel agents. Many of these Host Agencies provide travel education programs to help you with your business as a seller of travel.

Q. My company is a travel agency and I would like to find Independent Contractor Travel Agents to sell my products and services. How do I find these travel agents to contract with my agency?

A. OSSN is a great community for networking to find Independent Contractor travel agents to work for your agency. OSSN provides a listing for your agency in our Host Agency section that you are able to Edit on your own at any time (Host Agencies must qualify for this benefit first.) . Also, OSSN has an advertising agency that Host Agencies can use set up their advertising campaigns. See page:

Q. How do you become a Host Agency with OSSN?

A. Simple. You can join OSSN by selecting the "Agency Membership Category" by clicking here: OSSN Get Started! If your agency wishes to be listed in the Host Agency section of, you MUST qualify, first. Please email for the list of rules for being listed as a host agency.

Q. What kind of travel training does OSSN offer members?

A.There are a variety of methods and ways OSSN provides educational training. OSSN has online training programs, seminar at sea programs, FAM Trips, Conferences, Trade Shows and local chapter meetings. All these various platforms provide our members with a well-rounded educational opportunity.

Q. What are all the legal responsibilities in order to sell travel?

A. That depends on what state you live in and what your local laws have to say about working from a home-based office. Several states now have what they call, "Travel Promoter Laws." OSSN provides all these laws to our members in the "Financial and Legal" section of our website. These laws are important and it is your responsibility to know what they are.

Q. Can you make a good income by selling travel?

A. Yes you can. The travel industry is really in the sales business. If you find that having to sell to people is a difficult task, then this may not be the industry for you. However, selling travel is not like selling widgets. This is a fun business and people like being sold the travel products and services that you have to offer them. Most travel agents that make a good income (high five figures) are very much focused and have developed a niche with in the industry. You will learn this as a member of OSSN.

Q. What categories of membership does OSSN have available for sellers of travel?

A. There are four categories of membership as follows:

You can read more about these various categories of membership by clicking here:

Q. Do I qualify for a FAM Trip if I join OSSN?

A. OSSN has many FAM Trips per year. OSSN members are eligible for these FAM trips by providing a copy of their TRUE, CLIA, ARC or IATAN card and Certificate.