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OSSN Travel Agency Program

OSSN provides our Host travel Agency Members with the opportunity to post information about their travel agency in the "Members" area of the website, so that they may inform Independent Contractor members about the benefits and services their travel agency has to offer to IC's. If you are a "Host Agency" member that is developing an outside sales force of IC's and would like to post this information about your agency, OSSN can help you achieve this goal. OSSN lists these agencies and their benefits in our Host Agency Section located in the Members section on page:

In this Host Agency section, you will be able to list your company's contact information plus additional important details about the benefits and services that you offer to Independent Contractors. You may also display your company logo. Once you have completed the "New Host Travel Agency membership," you will be able to add this important information to your membership profile (if you desire to have this information listed in the host travel agency area). When you go into the "MEMBERS" section of the site, you will click on "Edit Profile" and proceed to enter the information you want to display.

The Host Travel Agency Membership allows TWO names to be listed as "owner/manager" status in the agency profile. These two people will have membership benefits, although the membership is listed in the AGENCY name, not under individual names. If you have additional sales staff that you also want to receive membership benefits, then they may join as an "Associate Member" of OSSN at a reduced rate of $95.00. This membership application form can be faxed to you by OSSN headquarters, as the special "Associate" rate is NOT listed online.

If you are a Host Agency that does not plan to work with additional Independent Contractors, then you are not required to enter any additional information about your agency in this Host Agency area.

There may be other reasons why your travel agency should join OSSN over and beyond the opportunities of just seeking additional sales people such as:

  • Your Outside Travel Agents can join OSSN at the "Associate" rate of $95 USD

  • Full Service Travel Agencies (CLIA, TRUE, IATAN, ARC) included, learn how to recruit and manage an outside sales force more effectively. Some travel agency owners lack knowledge in knowing how to work with Independent Contractors.

  • Agencies will have opportunity to meet other Outside Agents, Online or at Chapter meetings.

  • You will have access to professional Independent Contractor Agreements/contracts that should ALWAYS be used when contracting with Independent Contractors. (OSSN will also be glad to review any existing contracts that are submitted to our headquarters that are presently being considered or being used by Travel Agency members or Independent Contractor members.)

  • Member Agency will be listed in the OSSN Web Site as an agency seeking Outside Travel Agents and promoted to the OSSN Independent Contractor members.

  • Your Travel Agency can be more competitive by being able to offer more benefit opportunities to your Outside Agents if they are members of OSSN.

  • Travel Agencies may incorporate the OSSN membership program into their own
    Outside Sales Program which can allow them to charge more for their IC/Outside Sales Program Offer.

  • Many Full Service Travel Agencies are now selling out moving to a "home based" operation. OSSN is an association serving your home based travel agency needs.

  • Meet hundreds of travel agent industry suppliers that are members of OSSN and who are anxious to know who you are.

  • Participate in OSSN Trade Shows and Industry Events.

  • Lastly, OSSN membership puts the agency into the mainstream of what is happening in the market place as it pertains to the Independent Contractor community.

  • OSSN invites your agency to join OSSN as a "Host Travel Agency Member." To join today, please click the Join Button below.

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