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Home Based Agent Forum

OSSN Services Include:

The TRUE System

What is the TRUE Identification System? TRUE (Travel Retailer Universal Enumeration) System’s sole purpose is to help provide travel agents with an eight digit numeric code that is recognized by the travel supplier community, including cruise lines, tour operators, hoteliers, and car rental companies. The recognition of this universal numeric code by travel suppliers will allow the travel agent or agency the privilege of booking travel products and services directly with thousands of travel industry suppliers. Click Here To Apply!

Membership Benefits

OSSN travel agent members are offered many benefits to its members, above and beyond fams, seminars and chapter meetings. See why OSSN is different!

Fams & Seminars

OSSN offers fams with industry discounted rates, including the cost of training, to exciting locations all over the world to members and non-members. Proof of industry affiliation is required.

Calendar of Events

Check out OSSN's Calendar of Events to find the latest Chapter Meetings and other happenings in and around your area to help you become a better travel agent.

Chapter Director

Contact the Chapter Director nearest you to find out about upcoming OSSN travel agent events!

Agent Education Programs

The OSSN Agent Education Programs Section provides members with information on travel agent schools that offer formalized training agendas for Independent Contractors.