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Chicago Home Based Agent Forum

Now That You Have Joined OSSN, Here is What We Need
From You To Get Your Company In Front of Members.

As a new member or renewing Allied Supplier member you will now need to list or update your company profile in our members only section of our website on page: This is an important task for you to consider and complete so members will know who you are and the destination or service you provide.

In this Allied Supplier section, you will be able to list your company's contact information plus additional important details about your product and services that you offer to Home Based Agents. You may also display your company logo. Once you have completed the "New Allied Supplier Membership," you will be able to add this important information to your membership profile (if you desire to have this information listed in the supplier section). When you go into the "MEMBERS" section of the site, you will click on "Edit Profile" and proceed to enter the information you want to display.

After you have completed your listing then send OSSN your single file html E-mail advertising message or website URL. OSSN will then E-mail out to all online current and past members (approximately 34,000 travel agents). This first E-mail is FREE and must be sent with in six months of joining or renewing. The second E-mail is available at half price and must be used within six months after joining or renewing if your website indicates that your company accepts TRUE codes for agent registration and bookings.

The following 3 items are how you can learn more about how to get your company in front of members #1: By advertising #2: By contacting OSSN at #3: call 800 771 7327.